Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Here birdie birdie birdie!

A quail that hung around for crumbs outside the kitchen window.

Sheepish stare

The lamb with mummy-ewe, who's giving me a rather baleful, cold-eyed stare. Hey, I only wanted a photo!

Lamb (alive and without the mint sauce)

The little lamb that was in a field outside our cottage - a rather weak little thing.

Rocks and roots

Close-up... the stones among the roots are really quite big rocks.


Uprooted whole during a winter storm (I presume) - roots, stones and all!

Tree across the track

Tree down! Totally blocking the forest track that leads to Truim Woods viewpoint. This is where we were forced to turn back.

Tree and drystone wall

A bare tree (only now beginning to show new growth) and a stone wall - I liked both.

Valley View

A nice fuzzy view of the valley from the memorial area.

Memorial for some reason

A memorial to some Scots who died in South Africa (doesnt say why, how or when) - but it's got a great view of the plains below.

Ready to ride the ruts

The man and the machine - just after entering the woodland path leading to Truim Woods.

Just me

Me on a bench overlooking Truim Falls - it's a viewpoint during the circular walk.

Baby pine cone

Close-up of a baby pine cone and bright green baby pine needles. The needles are wonderfully soft and cool when they're this young... the adult needles irritate and prickle my skin and make it itch.

Truim Falls from up high

View of Truim Falls from high above

Rushing gushing stream

Another view of Trium Falls

Foaming waters

The rushing waters of Trium Falls

Bridge over the falls

The bridge again, a closer shot taken from the rocks

Pete down by the stream

Pete the intrepid rock-climber. I'm sh*t scared of heights (and depths).

Bridge over untroubled waters

The bridge again, but more of it this time

Water under the bridge

The small stream that becomes the little but rushing Truim Falls

Rock pool

A little rock-pool with rainwater collected in it

Pete down among the rocks by Truim Falls

Misty late-evening view

The view from the front of Crubenbeg Holiday Cottages (and from our front door, I might add)

Looking through the curtains

View of the lawn and children's play area from our living room window.

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