Friday, June 17, 2005

Close-up of my weed flower


Blogger Suyog said...

Wow! Nice shot. Nature has the best colours and you have captured them so well here.

1:14 pm BST  
Anonymous shyam said...

It's such a delicate shade of lilac, isnt it? :) Thanks, Suyog!

2:23 pm BST  
Blogger  said...

Nice shots again! And I see you have become conscious about the visibility of objects in background ... great improvement there!

2:36 pm BST  
Anonymous shyam said...

Ah. you see Kousik, I had some helpful tips from a really cool photographer :) Thanks!

3:36 pm BST  
Anonymous Lara Barrett said...

What a gorgeous weed! I have some bright purple ones in my yard that I love--wish we didn't have to mow them all down! You've really captured the colors wonderfully, as Suyog said--I love that vibrant green!

3:44 pm BST  
Blogger kaleidoscope said...

Wow gorgeous flowers and they are weeds, mmmmm.
We have the yellow ones(i thing u posted that pix too some time back) growning on the sides of the road, looks so beautifull.

1:53 am BST  
Blogger ian said...

You have awonderful series of flower images here - great work.

4:57 pm BST  
Anonymous shyam said...

Thanks Timurilenk, and thanks again for visiting my blog!

8:51 pm BST  

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