Monday, June 27, 2005

My lily, thoroughly inspected

My golden-yellow African lily


Blogger kaleidoscope said...

You have such a beatifull flowers in your garden. How much time do you send in you garder? i mean taking care of it.

7:45 pm BST  
Anonymous shyam said...

Hi Kal... I'm only a flowerpot gardener, so the time involved in maintenance is very very little compared to regular gardens. I have mostly herbs and flowers because I love both. I water them every day, feed them every two weeks and hope like hell that none of them die! :)

9:45 pm BST  
Blogger Sidney said...

...and you take pictures of them :-)
Lucky flowers !
Nice colorful pictures in your blog !

3:08 pm BST  
Anonymous shyam said...

Oh yeah, and I take pictures of them... Hi Sidney, nice of you to come by my blog! :)

5:37 pm BST  

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